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2018-03-28 Shenzhen Tsinghua University Seminar 2018

Shenzhen Tsinghua University Seminar 2018




The second Shenzhen Tsinghua University Seminar was successfully held in the Lecture Hall of Shenzhen Tsinghua University Graduate School from 22nd to 23rd March this year. This seminar is mainly organized by the Graduate School of Shenzhen Tsinghua University and co-organized by ULVAC-PHI and PHI (China) Limited. There were around 200 participants who have joined the Open house. The participants were not only from the teachers and students of Tsinghua University Graduate School, but also some surface analysis experts from other districts in China.


The seminar format was the same with last year. Shenzhen Tsinghua University Seminar was like a combination of ‘Seminar’ and ‘Training’. In the seminar part, Scientist of ULVAC-PHI Dr. Chang Hsunyun, Specialist of ULVAC-PHI, Mr. Urushihara Nobuaki and Professor Shue from Taiwan Academia Sinica were the guests to present the latest techniques and applications of surface analysis in order to let the participants to have deeper understandings on the information and applicable areas of surface analysis instruments. For the training part, Executive Director of PHI (China) Mr. Wensly Yip was another guest to have a sharing on the data analysis of new technique on MSMS Tof. He also talked about new surface analysis technique and applications. Besides, Professor Zhang and Mr. Yip have provided technical consultations to all the participants. Both of them have explained and presented the functions and characteristics of XPS and MSMS to the experts and professors. They answered their questions one by one and enhanced the understandings in XPS and MSMS in terms of the wide range of possible applications.




Registration area at the seminar



Executive Director of PHI (China) Mr. Wensly Yip had given a talk to the audiences



Group photo