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2018-11-08 ULVAC-PHI Expert Visit 2018-Winter

 ULVAC-PHI Expert Visit 2018-Winter



PHI China / CoreTech Integrated Limited and ULVAC-PHI had started to do an expert return visit to our customers for improving our user experience from 2018 Winter time. Mr. Minoru Kodama from ULVAC-PHI and Mr. Guoqiang Xin had spent over 2 weeks to visit to our different customers to discuss with them about their valuable feedback of our surface analysis instrument. At the same time, Mr. Minoru Kodama had support to confirm the instruments are all running in the greatest shape and performance.


During the visit, Kodama-San (Japanese way as Mr. Kodama) together with Guoqiang also spent good time with our customers in exchanging idea on our instrument design, operation and application. PHI China / CoreTech Integrated Limited and ULVAC-PHI will continue to work as ONE team to provide to the surface analysis system users a better instrument together with even better after-sale service.


Short bio of Mr. Minoru Kodama: Kodama-San joint ULVAC-PHI in the year of 2004. He was a member of ULVAC-PHI R&D department for many years and was involved in customized instrumentation, design of equipment, production and products improvement. He has full knowledge of the PHI XPS system in both hardware and software. From 2018, Kodama-San started to join the International Service Support team. The purpose for this team is very straight forward in ULVAC-PHI, as to confirm all of our users are using the PHI’s instrument with the greatest satisfaction.




Photo taken with user Ms. Shi XiaoXia when Kodama-San visited to NanJing University.



Photo taken when Kodama-San visited to NorthWest University with user Ms. Ding ZhiQin and Ms. Wen XiaoQin



Kodama-San Visited to Hube University of Technology, and taken a photo with the user Teacher Li Jian and PHI China engineer Mr. Tao Zhijie