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2018-11-15 Guangdong Province Surface Analysis Conference 2019 Guangzhou, Gaomin

Guangdong Province Surface Analysis Conference 2019 Guangzhou, Gaomin




PHI China / CoreTech Integrated Limited would like to congratulate to the Guangdong Province Analysis Testing & Surface Analysis committee in the well organizing the yearly meeting for 2018 alongside with the Surface Analysis Seminar. The host for this year meeting is CAS Guangzhou Institute of Energy Research and the venue is at the city of Gaomin in Guangzhou.


In this yearly meeting and Seminar, several professors and teachers had given their most recent research in the solar cell, perovskite or OLED related applications. From PHI China, our executive director, Mr. Wensly Yip had given a talk on the “Insitu XPS-UPS-IPES-GCIB Analysis Instrument – PHI 5000 VersaProbe III”. This technique is able to provide information from core level to fermi level including valence band (HOMO) and conduction band (LUMO) hence be able to directly give the bandgap information without any indirect assumption. Furthermore, GCIB sputtering at the insitu position extends its possibilities to a multi-layer XPS-UPS-IPES analysis.


ULVAC-PHI as the only manufacturer who made a full series of surface analysis machines including XPS, AES, Tof-SIMS and Dynamic SIMS, had always put the target to provide the most innovative instrument fitting for the world’s needs.




A Group photo taken during the Seminar