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MBE System


Working principle:

Provide high energy to target material by difference sources (such as by effusion cell, RF plasma, e-beam evaporation, ozone delivery system, etc).  The target material will be heated and vapored.  The vapored material will condense on the substrate and form a thin film.  As MBE takes place in Ultra high vacuum (UHV) (10-9 torr), the deposition rate can be slow and that allow the film to growth epitaxially.




  • Wide selection of deposition source and metrology tools
  • Multiple Deposition Sources
  • UHV Environment (< 1 x 10-10 Torr Base Pressure)
  • 6 Rotatable PLD Targets
  • Full computer control with data logging
  • Advanced In-Situ Sample temperature and Film Thickness Monitoring
  • Tailored Pumping Combinations




  • III-V, II-VI, II-Oxides, III-Nitrides, Si, Ge, Metal, Dielectric, and other Materials
  • Semiconductor,
  • Optoelectronic,
  • Photovoltaic
  • Magnetic applications