PHI Model 06-C60 Ion Gun



PHI Model 06-C60 Ion Gun is uniquely designed for low damage surface cleaning and sputter ion depth profiling of many organic and polymeric materials.  The ion gun produces a C60 ion beam that is filtered with an integral Wien filter.  Upon impact, the initial kinetic energy of C60 ions is divided among the 60 carbon atoms contained within each C60 ion.  The resulting energy cascade in the sample surface produces a highly efficient sputtering process and causes minimal chemical damage to the remaining material.  This is a dramatic change from Ar ion beam sputtering which produces extensive chemical damage in organic and polymer surfaces.  The 06-C60 is designed as an optional accessory for current PHI XPS instruments including the Quantera SXM and VersaProbe.  It can also be retrofitted to most Ulvac-Phi Quantera and PHI 5000 series XPS instruments.  The ion gun package includes an ion gun power supply and scan control unit that are computer controlled.



PHI Model 06-C60 10kV – C60 Ion gun



Two pieces of PET film contaminated with a thin layer of siloxane were sputter cleaned with a 500 V Ar ion beam and with a 10 kV C60 ion beam respectively.  After removing approximately 1 nm with the Ar ion beam, the siloxane was removed but the PET is showing signs of chemical damage in the C 1s spectrum.  After removing approximately 20 nm with the Ar ion beam the C 1s spectrum shows heavy chemical damage to the PET.  In contrast, after removing approximately 20 nm with the C60 ion beam, the PET C 1s spectrum is almost identical to the spectrum of the unsputtered surface.


High resolution C 1s spectra of the PET container obtained as a function of sputtering depth with (a) a 500V Ar ion beam and (b) 10kV C60 ion beam. C1s spectrum shows heavy chemical damage to PET after 500V Ar Ion Beam cleaning.


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