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Customer service hotline: +852-3748-9602   (Mon – Fri   9:00am – 5:35pm HK time)


Remote Support:



Remote Support

This is a new feature to link up your system to our experts through the Internet access.   We can help to remote access for your system in the real time support.  By using a secure PC to PC access commercially software, you can grant us the access authority to remote your system.  Once we had the access right, we are able to remote your instrument with the goal of diagnosing a problem, optimize your system performance, software upgrade and also provide some training.   The access authority need to grant from your side once disconnected.   It will provide more security for your system and fully control from your side.   Through the remote support, it will high reduce for your system downtime and also helping us to provide the best plan for repairing in order to reduce the repair cost.


The link below will help you to connect your system to our service expert.   We will provide you a new access code for each connection.  After input the provided code, a small program will automatically download to your system to enabling the connection.

The small program provides:

  • Interactive chat window between you and our service expert.
  • Prompts to permit or deny access at any time
  • File transfers functions

This small program will be automatically erased when the connection is ended.


Have your access Code from our expert already?  

Click here to connect.


Any Security concerns? 

Click here for more information.



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